Follow the letters and thoughts flowing from the heart of Marcelo as a response to a Divine and Sovereign Presence who comforts, encourages and continually motivates his smile, even amidst the troubles he is facing.
Pray for Marcelo and his wife Ruth; in this blog you will also discover how you can help.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Marcelo and Rute are missionaries from the New Tribes Mission in Brazil. They started their missionary work in 1989, where they served the Lord for a few years in a place called Puraquequara. Driven by the desire to proclaim the Gospel of God’s Grace to the unreached indigenous peoples, they accepted the challenge of living in the Upper Rio Içana, a region known as "Dog's Head", on the border of Colombia. The Koripako people, who inhabit that area, welcomed the missionary and his family in their villages and were able to listen in their own language about the greatness of the Eternal God.

Marcelo and Rute have been involved in this ministry for 20 years. In 2008, they left the jungle to visit family and churches that support them. While preaching in the town of Ilhéus, in Southern Bahia-Brazil, Marcelo fell ill and returned to Recife where he was diagnosed with a type of cancer called AML (acute myeloid leukemia). After several months of intensive treatment, and several complications, the cancer went into remission. Marcelo gained weight, and the missionaries returned to an almost normal rhythm of activities.

It was then that Marcelo and Rute were invited to visit a small church in the U.S., so they could share the challenge of missions to their hearts. This church had followed closely throughout the treatment phase and recovery that had been done in the past 11 months. Understanding the will of God and seeing the hand of the Lord leading them, they reached the city of Denver, Colorado where they presented the missionary work and shared their passion for the Lord and lost souls.

That week, however, they were surprised when Marcelo suddenly fell ill. Our missionary discovered that the cancer had returned, more aggressive and intense. Admitted to the Lutheran Hospital in Denver, Marcelo began his fight for life.

Today, Marcelo urgently needs a bone marrow transplant! The entire treatment of chemotherapy is only a temporary way to stop the spread of the disease in his blood, and it will not solve the problem. Now is the time for God's people to unite their hearts in prayer; in a sincere cry beseeching the Lord of the harvest for His mercy and grace for our mission of "Dog's Head."

In this blog you will also discover how to help them. Follow the letters and thoughts flowing from the heart of Marcelo as a response to a Divine Presence and Sovereign who comforts him and continually motivates him to smile, even amidst the troubles he faces.

Pray for Marcelo Pedro and his wife Rute!

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